The ID2EAL risk score helps estimate the relative hazard of graft failure at 1 year after liver transplantation for an adult recipient of a deceased donor as compared to a reference donor. The reference donor is 43-year-old DBD donor, No-CVA cause of death, No insulin dependent, with Cr of 1.1, height of 172 cm, weight of 80.7 kg.

Enter the following data:

Age of donor 
Donor height    
Donor weight   
Cause of death    
Organ Type    
Donor Insulin-dependent DM?    
Donor serum creatinine  
Optional values:
Recipient cold ischemia time
Recipient age at transplant
Recipient MELD-NA
DBD: Donation after brain death
DCD: Donation after circulatory death
CVA: Cerebrovascular accident
DM: Diabetes mellitus
MELD-Na: Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score
**Disclaimer: The ID2EAL risk score is a research tool and does not substitute for clinical judgment.